John Nzira

ImageJohn Nzira is a specialist in Permaculture and urban farming. He has two decades of experience working for government and NGOs in community development teaching and practicing permaculture. He has grown food his whole life and last bought groceries in a supermarket 17 years ago

He received his Permaculture training in Zimbabwe at Fambidzanai Permaculture Institute and further training with Bill Mollison the founder of Permaculture in the late 1980s. John was instrumental in bringing Permaculture to Zimbabwe Lesotho Swaziland and South Africa. In South Africa he introduced Permaculture to the Mpumalanga Province through his work with the Mpumalanga Parks Board. The Mpumalanga Department of Environmental Affairs adapted Permaculture for Environmental Education Centres and introduced it to surrounding communities within the province.

In 1996 John received the Conserva Individual Award issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism for his outstanding work in conservation farming and environmental management.

John also received sponsorship for international training programmes in Environmental Education and Ecological Agriculture in Canada USA and Israel

John also received the MTK award from the Gauteng Department of Agriculture Conservation and Environment. Receive a Silver Gilt award with International Chelsea Flower Show in London.

John has contributed to several books
including Natural Pest and Disease Control (1991). Henry Elwell and Anita Moss. Harare Zimbabwe

Drought Mitigation in Southern Africa (1998). Holloway Alisa. South Africa.

Learning about Livelihoods: Insights from Southern Africa (2002) Rick de Satge et al. South Africa

Permaculture Manual: Creating sustainable food and medicinal gardens (2008) John Nzira Ubuhibi media South Africa