Rammed Earth House Monaghan

Situated in Monaghan farm, an eco estate that has reduced density, organic farming and a country lifestyle which encourages walking and cycling.  A rammed earth house was proposed and it was intended to create thick walls that provided good thermal comfort by their mass.  In supporting such large walls alternative foundation designs were considered that would have a considerably lower ecological footprint and a polymer stabilised foundation was pioneered to support the massive walls.

Otto Cottage, Maun, Botswana

This design is feautured in the design magazine Visi -Feb March 2016,  Earthworks April 2016  


This building was an integrated sustainable design and aimed for harmonisation with the environment. The following is a description of the requirements each system fulfilled and how it was tackled in a sustainable way. We look at results of the system and how this brought about changes in the system. 



ImageHealth Information Centre Going Green Eco Centre This is a timber and strawbale building that is cement free. It is supported on timber poles that are placed in the ground and the entire building is raised up above the ground.

Sustainable Design

Buildings are energy and they use energy in their daily use. Sustainable Design looks at optimising energy use and harnessing the energy that arrives daily. Buildings have a certain amount of energy used in the process of building them and then they require energy for coolth and warmth



An Introduction to Strawbale

Straw made from stalks of wheat is bailed into rectangular bales and simply stacked up to create a building.  It is plastered with earth plasters and supported with timber members.  While bale raising goes very quickly it is the details that create a successful and durable house.

This course investigates foundations walling plastering and roofing of a strawbale structure.

Ramming with Earth

ImageRammed Earth is an earth building technique that creates walls that are formed by the shape of the formwork hence it is ideally suited to straight walls and geometric design. It was used in the great wall of China a mere 6000 years young.

This course combines practice with theory and covers soil selection soil preparation formwork window door openings and wall finishing.

Building with Cob

ImageCob building is an old traditional way of building homes. Cob is a ball of Mud and straw correctly mixed and shaped for both ease of construction and long term structural strength. It is a process that fits the family structure ideally allowing both individuality and teamwork.

Introduction to Permaculture with John Nzira

John was born in Zimbabwe and currently lives and works in Midrand. He is an African Permaculture legend and has been teaching and establishing farms and orchards and gardens for eighteen years. John J Nzira trained with Mollison in the late 1980s and was instrumental in bringing Permaculture to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Adobe Building Course

Adobe brick

Adobe brick